Cool New Star Trek Film

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Well, I went to see the new Star Trek film. I saw it in Imax and I must say that although I enjoyed the film in Imax and didn't mind paying the extra money to do so ($15.50 admission) not sure the IMAX experience would be worth it for just any movie. The picture was crisp, the sound was very loud and clear, and yes the screen was bigger, but would I pay IMAX admission to just any movie? The answer would be no. For certain types of films such as this one, heavy on action and big in scope, it was worth it but for a film like Monsters and Aliens I'm glad I went to see it in a non-IMAX theater.

As for the film it was good but as a fan of Star Trek from its beginnings it did not blow me away with the feeling that I just have to see it again. I'm glad that the new film respected many of the elements (Thank you Mr. Nimoy for putting on those ears one more time) that have made Star Trek such a sci-fi icon and has and will continue to draw non-fan viewers to the theaters because this guarantees that there will be more new Star Trek in the future. I thought the new Bones and Spock did the best job at capturing the essence of the original characters. The new Scotty, although having some funny moments, needed to be a little more serious and Uhura was sexy. No complaints there. As for the new Kirk, well you really can't compare to the original as the film is very clever in the way they allow for a different kind of Kirk to evolve. Chekov and Sulu did a good job as well. The special effects were excellent. So, overall I was happy with the movie and can't wait to see where they take it from here as the next film has all ready been green lighted. See Star Trek items, past and present, at Cool Stuff.