What Happened To Saturday Mornings?

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I remember watching Land Of The Lost on Saturday mornings. Getting up before my parents, grabbing my bowl of Captain Crunch and sitting in front of the TV to watch cartoons and so forth from 7:00am to noon. Saturday morning TV has changed and is no longer the safe haven for kids. The classics such as Looney Tunes and those great Sid & Marty Kroft Productions have disappeared to be replaced for the most part by repeats of live-action shows from the network's cable channels if there are no sporting events to show. Saturday mornings use to be sacred ground.

I showed my kids some old Land Of The Lost episodes on DVD and they loved them. Kids are the same, just Saturdays have changed. Hollywood has not forgotten the Saturday mornings of yesterday and I look forward to seeing the new Land Of The Lost film that is coming out. I just hope they are selling Captain Crunch at the snack bar. Get Lost again at Cool Stuff.

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