Funko Comes On With Force

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Funko has created a line of new bobbles that are super deformed and stylized. Unlike their other head bobbers these Funko Force bobbers come in clear, cylindrical packaging that further sets them apart. First out is their Wolverine Movie Origins Funko Force Bobber now in stock. I was a fan of the X-Men films and I can't wait to see the "origin" of this classic character. There are other Funko Force Bobbles available for pre-order, including one in anticipation of the new Terminator film. To order visit Cool Stuff.


Star Trek Movie Posters

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Last summer I went to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas but more importantly went to ride The Star Trek Experience attraction at the Hilton before they closed it down forever. The convention just happened to be going on at the Hilton as well and having never been to one decided to check it out. It was not as big as I expected but there was some cool merchandise including movie posters promoting the new film. I picked some up and have decided to let a few go for others to enjoy as they expand their collections to include items from the newest incarnation of this iconic series. To order visit Cool Stuff.


Star Trek Bobble Heads From Funko

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Around 70 days until the new Star Trek movie is released and if you saw the trailer that aired during the SuperBowl it looks to be action packed. Watching the Enterprise swoop in with double phasers firing was a sight to behold and knowing that Leonard Nimoy (who I got to see speak at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas last year) will be in it to provide some connection to the original cast is great. Too bad they killed Kirk off (or is he still alive in the Nexus?). No matter how flashy the new movie is the original series will live on as my favorite. Call me sentimental but its the one I grew up with and now Funko has come up with a line of bobble heads paying homage to those characters that started it all. Some even come with sound. You can pre-order the complete set of the first series or individual pieces now. To pre-order visit Cool Stuff.


Twilight Action Figure Set

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Twilight, first the book was a huge success and that was followed up with the hit movie. Seems as if the love story between a vampire and a young woman is something many folks can't get enough of. HBO has even jumped on this band wagon with its series True Blood. Now NECA is scheduled for an April release a 2-pack action figure set featuring Edward & Bella as depicted in the Twilight film. If you are familiar with NECA figures they are very detailed and high-quality. The stand-alone Edward figure that was released last month flew out of my online store in a matter of days and I expect the same to happen with these. You can pre-order this figure set so that you can be one of the first to show them off. To pre-order visit Cool Stuff.